For summer and winter tyres

Twice a year that time comes around again: swap winter for summer tyres and vice versa. But what do you do with the tyres when not on the car? Many people store their tyres in their shed or garage. With a major inconvenience: four tyres take up a lot of space, and meanwhile you know you won’t need them for the rest of the year. Choose a smart solution, rent tyre storage space.

Why renting summer and winter tyre storage is a good idea

If you opt for a storage space away from home for your tyres, you will also enjoy many other benefits:

  • The biggest benefit: you save a lot of space in your shed, garage or house. You don’t have the tyres getting in your way.
  • With a storage space away from home you decide how much storage space you need. A small storage space is quite enough for car tyres.
  • Maybe you will need your tyres at some point? No problem, you have access to your self-storage 7 days per week (from 6:00 to 23:00).
  • You pay a fixed amount each month, no nasty surprises. You can hire a storage unit for a season, ideal for storing summer or winter tyres.
  • The tyres are stored in a covered storage space. So they remain in perfect condition!

Store summer and winter tyres at 1BOX

Do you want to rent tyre storage, to store your winter and summer tyres securely and efficiently? Then you’ve come to the right place at 1BOX. There is bound to be a location somewhere near you. Do you have any questions about tyre storage? Feel free to contact us, our experts will be happy to help you with advice.

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