Goods storage

Running out of space on your own business premises?

Or not enough space in your warehouse to store all the goods? At 1BOX we can provide business storage units, specially for goods. This might be temporarily when you are very busy in your peak season, or might be long-term goods storage. By choosing one or our storage units you are choosing quality, flexibility and a good price.

Benefits of goods storage

If you opt to store goods off-site, you will also enjoy many other benefits. Let’s list them all for you:

  • External storage space is ideal for when you run out of space. You can rent flexibly and you choose just how much space you need for storage.
  • Need some goods from your storage units in the meantime? No problem. We offer you access 365 days per year, from 6:00 until 23:00.
  • Store your goods safely: 24/7 camera surveillance and you are the only one with access to your storage unit.
  • Either temporary or long-term goods storage, ideal for example to handle peak demand.

Storing goods at 1BOX

Does your company want to store goods securely? Then you’ve come to the right place at 1BOX. There is bound to be a 1BOX location somewhere near you. Are you unsure how much space you will need to store all your goods? We are happy to help you. Feel free to contact our experts for some advice.


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Marleen Van der Steen
2 days past
Super netjes en hele vriendelijke service!
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Irwin Rosalia
2 days past
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2 days past
Very kind , correct and helpfull
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2 days past
Good contact and service
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