Do you want to hire a lock-up garage?

Then you've come to the right place!

Do you have just too much stuff? A hobby that has got out of hand? Or could you use some extra space for a while? Then renting a lock-up garage from 1BOX is a great idea. This way your things are stored away safely and efficiently, for a fixed price each month.

Benefits of renting a lock-up garage

You gain many other benefits when you opt to rent a lock-up garage:

  • Storage space for any and all reasons: from furniture to motorbikes and from car tyres to summer clothes.
  • You decide how much space you need, a full-sized garage or a small storage unit for a few boxes, or your complete house contents.
  • Business and private storage.
  • Secure storage: 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring.
  • Covered parking spaces for loading and unloading.
  • Always accessible: normal hours from 6:00 to 23:00, longer opening hours by agreement.
  • Clean and modern storage locations.

See our list of locations below and reserve your lock-up garage right now.

Would you like to rent a lock-up garage to store your things safely and efficiently? Then you’ve come to the right place at 1BOX. There is bound to be a location somewhere close to you. Our locations all have easy access and you decide just how long you are going to rent a lock-up garage. The minimum rental period is one month.

This means that your equipment, or the materials for your home repairs business can be stored easily and securely in one of our lock-up garages long-term.  This way you no longer have the equipment need under your feet and you can keep more space clear in your own garage or shed.

See all our locations here and book a lock-up garage now:

Do you have any questions about renting a garage? Feel free to contact us, our experts are available to help you with advice.

5 essential benefits to you
  • A single contact person
  • Sheltered loading and unloading
  • 15 days notice of cancellation
  • A fixed fee for all storage units
  • Professional advice from experienced employees
Do you have any questions about renting a garage? Feel free to contact us.
What our customers are saying about us
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Neea Barden
5 days past
Aaron was super helpful in helping me find the right storage unit for my needs and was honest about all the costs upfront. I arranged for a viewing and it all went well. The tour was informative and the registration process was very smooth.
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J “Mr future past”
6 days past
Zeer tevreden met de service, en de begeleiding naar het vinden van de juiste maat. Heb nog nooit zo'n goeie klantenservice meegemaakt.
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Jan Fluit
6 days past
Klantvriendelijk en altijd bereikbaar. Weer een box gehuurd omdat de voorwaarden altijd goed zijn en de prijs betaalbaar.
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Wendeline Nicasia
1 week past
Goeie service gekregen
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