Motorbike and scooter garaging

Garage your motorbike or scooter at 1BOX

Many people do not use their scooter or motorbike during the winter months. These vehicles do take up a lot of space in a shed or garage. The solution? The solution is garaging your scooter or motorbike in a 1BOX rental unit. This way you use your space for other things, and your motorbike or scooter is tucked away, safe and dry.

The benefits of putting your scooter or motorbike into storage

If you opt for a storage space away from home for your scooter or motorbike, you will also enjoy many other benefits:

  • You decide just how much space you need A scrambler bike will usually fit into a 2m2 storage unit, but a large Harley-Davidson really needs 3m2.
  • You can be flexible about renting a storage unit for a scooter or motorbike: can be for a month, the winter or all year round.
  • Your vehicle(s) are completely secure in the storage unit: with non-stop camera surveillance and a personal access code.
  • Daily access, 365 days per year from 6:00 until 23:00.

Store a scooter or motorbike at 1BOX in Goes or Rijswijk

Do you want to rent a scooter or motorbike garage space to store your vehicle safely? Then you’ve come to the right place at 1BOX. At present, we can offer parking for your motorbike or scooter in Goes and Rijswijk.

Do you have any questions about storing a motorbike or scooter?

Please contact our store managers in Goes or Rijswijk if you want to put your motorbike or scooter into storage.

What our customers are saying about us
3 days past
Good and quick services, you can drive your car in the building so if it’s raining you are moving your stuff dry to the storage box.
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John Jerphanion
4 days past
Goede opslagruimte met vriendelijk personeel die je goed advies geeft over de te huren ruimte. Boxen zijn netjes en goed toegankelijk. Prima locatie dichtbij centrum en alle toegangswegen.
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Joris Jonathan Schuurman Hess
4 days past
Goede service en ook fijn dat ze flexibel zijn. Ik had een grotere box nodig en dat was met 1 telefoontje geregeld!
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Richanel Martina
5 days past
Nieuw in Breda. Goede prijs. Klantvriendelijk.
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