Take a look at our packaging materials

This is how you keep your things clean during transport

Do you need materials to move your valuable items and store them in one of our storage units? We can help you. We offer a wide selection of packaging materials, that you can purchase directly from our branches. From mattress covers to protective sofa covers and removal blankets and boxes. See our selection of removal materials below.

Do you need packaging materials to move your valuable items and store them? We have a wide selection of materials that you can pick up at our branches to make sure that your belongings arrive and depart again in the same condition as when you packed them – in perfect condition.

  • Available at our locations

  • Pay on site

The following items are on sale in our branches:

Single mattress cover


€ 3.99

Double mattress cover


€ 4.99

Sofa cover


€ 3.99

Armchair cover


€ 3.99

Removal blankets


€ 5.99

Clothing box


€ 13.99

Large removal box


€ 3.49

Medium removal box


€ 2.99

Small removal box


€ 2.49

Bubble wrap


€ 8.99

Wrapping paper


€ 3.49

Wrapping film


€ 13.49

Dust cover


€ 5,99